Mosquito/Fly Treatment

“100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back.”

Mosquito Facts

mosquito control

vectors of Viruses

Carry deadly diseases, such as Dengue Virus

CDC Report


Lay up to 3,000 eggs within a couple of weeks


lay up to 500 eggs in a container of water the size of a soda can

Deadliest Animal

Mosquitoes account for over 700,000 deaths every year


Feeding periods

Mosquitoes feed day and night


 Carbon dioxide is one of the main ways in which mosquitoes locate their next feast. 

How we do it

100% money back guarantee

Step 1-inspect

We conduct a complete inspection and customize a treatment plan.

step 3-Protection

Your customized treatment will cover your home for up to a month at a time.

step 2-Exterminate

Our service starts working to decrease the mosquito population right away

step 4-Maintain

Monthly applications keep mosquitoes down so the population doesn’t get out of hand